BE-ing in a Season of Change

As I write this, it has been a couple hours that I have been staring at a blank blog page hoping – perhaps more accurately, wishing – for inspiration. I’ve been sitting in the sun streaming through my office window and tending to plants; nothing. Looking at the snow-covered ground from yesterday’s storm thinking how crazy the weather is; it was 60 degrees just two days ago. I want to do something creative, but I also want to curl up in a blanket fort for the next month and hibernate. And that’s where inspiration (finally) hit…

As I look to the natural world around me, I am reminded that we are in the transition period between early winter (vata season) and late winter/spring (kapha season). Vata brings changes, transitions, creativity and movement. Kapha is slowing down, growth, being cozy and relaxed. As I look outside, this weekend was exactly that: a warm “beach” day followed by 24 hours of snow and below 20 degree temperatures – talk about crazy changes and transitions!

These shifts are evident in my body/mind as well. I feel drawn to moving more (walks, yoga, etc), but then feel the urge to curl up in a blanket with a mug of hot tea. I feel creative, then want to take a nap. I feel the need to DO, then I feel drawn to simply BE.

It is through our yoga practices that we learn this art of BE-ing. Ayurveda supports our bodies and minds in that process. Being aware of what’s happening around me helps me to see what’s happening within me – as without, so within. Many of us, myself included, get caught up in all the doing that we forget how to simply BE. Yoga not only teaches us how to BE, it shows us how to BE even as we are DO-ing.

So as I move through this seasonal transition, I am deciding to be gentle with myself. I will make, do, create when that needs to happen; I will rest, restore, and reset when that needs to happen. And through it all I will remind myself to simply BE: BE present, BE aware.

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