Gifts from 2021 & The New Year

The time between Christmas and New Years is an interesting time. It’s a period where many of us start thinking about resolutions for the new year, about new goals, and the such. For me, I find myself naturally drawn more inward, reflecting. Reflecting on my past year, on my journey, on what might be coming next.

The last two years have been very interesting for me, and I know it has for many of you. 2020 brought us fear of the unknown, emergency regulations, and isolations. 2021 was, perhaps, even stranger as we collectively attempted to navigate the waters of vaccines, masks, opening economies, lessening then tightening mandates, and attempting to find “normal” again. Our favorite businesses closed, opened, closed again, partially opened, mostly fully opened, then opened with restrictions – then repeat. The studios I work with are no exception; even the classes I have taught independently have been affected.

One thing 2021 gifted me with is seeing the dark components of my being openly in loving light. What does this mean? It means I have been able to see some of the hidden places in my heart, my body, and my mind that hold traumas and false narratives of who I am. These are areas that are still in need of acknowledgment and healing. I have been able to see some of these “dark” spaces and greet them, almost like welcoming them as a guest into my home. I have also seen that there are many more areas that need this acknowledgment and healing, but they aren’t quite ready to come out and be seen just yet. And that’s okay. I know that when these “dark” places are brought to light, acknowledged and healed it makes me more whole, more unified, perhaps more complete.

This process of self-exploration and self-healing has also allowed me to be more open to ideas and opportunities that I would have, in the not-so-distant past, been resistant to. And I am excited to say that 2022 will be bringing all sorts of new, fun things. I am looking forward to presenting workshops, holding new classes, January Meditation Challenge, and so much more! I have had more clarity around some of my writing, and I’m ready to get back to creating my second book. Be sure to explore my website and follow Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date.

So what has 2021 gifted YOU? How has the good and seemingly “bad” things allowed you to open, learn, and grow? What are you ready to receive in 2022 because of that gift? As you prepare your intentions and resolutions for 2022, I wish you peace, joy, contentment, and personal growth.

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