Solstice Greetings & Meditation Challenge

Happy Solstice! Today marks the shortest day (less sunlight) of the year, and the beginning of more light ahead. I have always loved this time of year; and I’m not sure if I understood why when I was younger. The lights, the music, the merriment. I have come to realize that the many celebrations that occur over the month or so have “light” as a centerpiece. Each celebration focuses on something different, but the theme of “Light” carries through them.

For me, the celebrations of light indicate that no matter how dark the night is, you can always find a light. The darkness may be the physical darkness of the evening, or it may be an emotional darkness that we are experiencing. The light may be the morning dawn, a candle in a window, a streetlight. It may even be the light of love in one’s heart. That may be the dimmest flicker, but even that faltering flame can light another. This is how the light – read love – grows: we share it with others. May your solstice be full of love and light.

MEDITATION CHALLENGE: It is in sharing my light that I wish to invite you to my personal meditation challenge in January 2022. My intention is to be deliberate and more consistent in my meditation practice and have challenged myself to meditate at least 10 minutes every day in January. If you would like to join me, send me an email. Let me know any questions you have. I will provide you with a tracker and options to offer support. Cheers to a peaceful and calm 2022!

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