Wellness services will resume shortly. We are working to update forms so that consultations can occur virtually.

We are presently offering Ayurvedic Nutrition & Wellness Consultations, Private Therapeutic Yoga, as well as private yoga classes. Please click on the service that you wish more information on, and you will be redirected to that page. You can also find our regularly scheduled public yoga classes here.

There are two ways you can schedule with us. We have regular appointment hours at Santosha Yoga Studio in Providence, RI. It is a beautiful location, overlooking Mashapaug Pond, and conveniently located just off Route 10. To schedule your session at Santosha, please click here.

You can also schedule your sessions for a location of your preference. This is a great option for those who feel they “don’t have time” to make it to an office for their appointment – their appointment comes to you! If this option fits your needs, use the contact us form to request your complementary telephone intake. Please include the type of service your are requesting in the comments section. A date and location will be determined and scheduled at the completion of this intake.