Becoming Parvati: A Modern Exploration of the Yamas & Niyamas

After the death of a loved one, Julie felt compelled to dive into a deep personal examination and exploration of the Yamas and Niyamas, the moral and ethical tenets of ancient yoga. The result of that study is an easy-to-read book (no previous yoga experience necessary) that is part philosophy, part memoir.  “[Julie Hillman] does [her yoga] lineage proud by presenting both its teachings and her path to the teachings which allow her to pass it all on to others in this present moment with 2020 vision.”  Julie gives the Yamas and Niyamas a modern twist while remaining true to the ancient teaching.

“This book is inspiring and opens one’s mind up to the many possibilities and truth that lies inside” (Robyn Simas).  Becoming  Parvati will be a spiritual resource, one you will refer to again and again on your own spiritual journey. 

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