Autumn, Vata Energy, & Change

Autumn in Southern New England is pretty nice. Temperature gets cool, but there are still warm breezes. The trees put on a show of bright oranges, reds and yellows and the leaves turn, and eventually fall. It’s the season of apple picking and pumpkin spice everything. And we are in full swing.

Autumn is a season of change. Temperatures begin to drop, winds pick up. It’s cool and dry. It’s Vata season, controlled by the elements of ether and air. It is light, dry, and full of movement. We can see this as we observe nature. And it occurs within us as well. We trade in our shorts and tees for jeans and sweaters to stay warm. We eat less salads and cool foods and begin making soups, stews, and other warm, comforting foods. We trade iced tea for warm teas.

Autumn can be a time of change and creativity. Nature shows us that we can let go of what we don’t need to make room for what’s to come. Each year as the trees become dormant they shed their leaves. The trees “sleep” all winter and re-emerge in the spring with vibrant green leaves, blooming flowers, and eventually delicious fruits. We can tap into that energy by taking the time to clear our spaces – work or home. throwing away anything that may be broken, donating the items that we no longer use. And welcoming the creative energy that might be present. Perhaps in the form of cooking, baking, painting, writing, or planning your spring gardens.

The trees even show that letting go can be a beautiful process as well. Often when we are going through a period of difficulty or transition, we look at how “bad” the situation is. We forget that there are blessings hiding in these transitions. But the trees remind us every year that transition and change can be beautiful. Every year they drop their leaves, hide away for the winter, and wake up more beautiful each spring. And when those leaves drop, they take on the most amazing colors. We never see the beauty in our own transitions until they are complete. I wonder if the trees know how beautiful and inspiring their change is?

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