Sometimes It’s Okay to Not Be OK.

As I sat to write this newsletter, I found myself looking at the title and thinking “yeah ok, right.” I know I’m not alone in that thought. We, collectively speaking, have been taught that society expects us to have our shit together at all times, to never show our vulnerabilities, to never share that we don’t feel okay. This could be anything from our mental health, financial health, relationship health, our physical state – anything that we can have a sense of being “okay” or “not okay” over. The more that we hide our “not okay” parts the larger they become, making them more difficult to hide.

But what if we could just be honest – with ourselves first – and say “I’m not okay in this moment. And I’m okay with that.” Think about the power that being completely present to our being has. Being content even amid the internal chaos.

It showed up for me in trying to write this newsletter. As a spiritual and wellness advisor to many, I feel it is part of my service – my duty – to share wise and inspiring words. And I had none. There were no wise words, no moments of clarity to share, no mind-blowing interpretation of ancient teachings. I had nothing to share. I had nothing to share and I was NOT okay with that.

If you know me well, you’re probably reading this and thinking how that reaction is totally me (and you would be correct). And I realize that this is an over-simplified example, and probably not a super important life issue. And as silly as this may seem to some, I was struggling with not being able to share something with all of you. It wasn’t until I allowed myself – actually gave myself permission – to not be inspired, to not know what to share that this newsletter came to be. In other words, once I gave up my need and expectation, inspiration flowed out of it.

So how can my simple writing struggle help you? Are you feeling tired, emotionally worn out, drained, or just “not right?” Give yourself permission to feel it, stop hiding it. Give yourself permission to not be okay in that moment. Ask you body what it needs (literally ask if you have to) – and then give your body what it needs. Tired and need a nap? Curl up with a pillow and blanket. Need alone time? Find a quiet space away from others. Physically tired and need to move? Go for a walk or do some gentle stretching. Does your body need more support? Perhaps seeking out a therapist or speaking with your doctor is in order.

These last few years have been difficult for many of us. The past few months have been difficult as we continue to transition back to “normal” life. Remember it’s okay that there are moments of mental struggles and foggy thoughts. Just don’t stay there. Let them have their moment, let them teach you their lesson and let them move on; seek help if they overextend their stay. Know that there is nothing wrong with seeking out a professional who can help; in fact, I see it is a sign of strength to seek help.

I’m okay with not having all the answers all the time. Well, at this moment I am. And I am okay if that changes. And I will be okay even if I’m not okay with that.

Namaste & Blessings!

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