Heat Wave

“We’re having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave, the temperature’s rising…”

We are at the beginning of yet another heatwave here in Rhode Island. It is currently 90 degrees as I write this newsletter at 4:00pm, with the next two days forecast at 93 and 95 degrees respectively. And although I have been sitting thinking about what to write for a newsletter, my mind just does not want to cooperate – It’s like its overheated too. So instead, I thought to simply share some of what I have been doing to stay cool today.

I have been very still today. My husband and I did work early this morning – dishes, cleaning, running the vacuum. He took his daily walk early, I did a few simple stretches. We sat outside until the sun began to shine too brightly on us. Now I am positioning myself wherever there may be a slight breeze coming through a window. I have a desk fan blowing as I work. I personally do not like fans (or ac, heat) blowing directly on my, so I have it angled slightly away. Fans create movement in the air and can disrupt Vata, or at least that seems to be the case for me.

Water. Lots of water. I usually recommend – and consume – room temperature water, but it is so warm today that I am taking cold water from my refrigerator or placing a couple ice cubs to keep the water from getting too warm. In fact, I just filled my water bottle with cold water and it is already warming up! Eat cooling, juicy foods too. Think seasonal: cucumbers, tomatoes, salads (light dressings, not thick and creamy), peaches, grapes, berries. Not only will they not heat the body too much, their liquids will also help keep the body hydrated.

I have found myself naturally doing Sitali Breath throughout the day. It’s a cooling breath techniques – both physically and mentally. There are many meditative aspects that can be brought in, but I like it simple on days like today. Simply take a deep breath in through the nose, then exhale through the mouth with lips pursed, as though you are blowing through a tiny straw. This slows the breath on the exhale, calming the mind and creating a sense of coolness.

I have shared summer tips in earlier newsletters, so please peruse though the archives. If you’re looking for more ways to support your body through the summer, click here to reach out. And until next time, be well and stay cool!

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