Thank You 2020

It was a relatively uneventful New Years Eve this year – for my family and I am sure for many, many others. For me, however, it was a more thoughtful holiday. Many begin their new year making resolutions or setting intentions, but we don’t often pay enough attention to reviewing the year that we are about to leave behind, And 2020 sure gave us a lot to review and think about.

2020 took a lot away, but it also gave so much. Working from home gave many the opportunity to be with their families. Of course its not without its challenges, but how nice that you could have lunch every day with your kids? many found new opportunities for employment. I personally began teaching yoga in Colorado – remotely, of course. In my neighborhood we had the opportunity to meet neighbors because so many of us started walking through the streets – okay, yes its because most of us were bored out of our skulls, but we were getting out, exercising, and meeting people.

One of the other gifts of 2020 was the opportunity to spend time with ourselves. Just us and our thoughts. Exploring our deepest desires and deepest fears. Contemplating life, death, and the meaning of it all. For some this is a beautifully fulfilling process, for others it may bring deep depression, for most it is some combination of both. I found myself becoming deeply involved with furthering my spiritual study and development and simultaneously avoiding and running away from it. I found myself ecstatic and full of energy at times, then feeling deeply depressed at others. And its okay. The gift was in being able to experience it all – fully, completely, without the need (or the ability because, pandemic) to run away from it.

So for 2021 I want more of that – the deep self-inquiry, exploration, connection, feeling – for myself and others. I set the intention to help others by going deeper into that work for myself too. Yes, I have some of those “standard” resolutions as well: exercise more, be more consistent with my yoga practice (yes, even yoga teachers get lazy sometimes), drink more water. But to be able to dive deep into the meaning of life, spirituality, observing the world without our personal filters and opinions – well, that is something that was much more difficult to do regularly before 2020, and its something that we can get better at in 2021.

My wish for you all in 2021 is that you take the opportunity to look deep, Whether it is deep inner/spiritual work or simply enjoying the depth of beauty in nature, may you begin to peer a little farther into those waters. May you find joy and bliss in the little things. May you stay centered and peaceful even during difficult times, and may you spread that peacefulness to others (even if its only within our household). In my yoga tradition we greet each other with the phrase “Jai Bhagwan,” Victory to the Divine. The Divine within me, the Divine within you, and the Divine in everything around us.

Jai Bhagwan and farewell 2020. Jai Bhagwan and welcome 2021. Peace and blessings to you all.

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