Have you ever had the sense that sometimes life just “gets in the way” of you being able to live your life? A bit of irony, huh. We work hard to have a safe place to live and continue to work hard to save money to do the things we want to do; then we get so busy that we forget about the things we wanted to do and never do them. Its as if we are trying to use this system to our advantage, trying to play by our own rules, and it doesn’t quite work. That is, it doesn’t; work until we are truly ready. At least that has been my experience.

Over the last few months, I have been examining many, many aspects of life – about my own and about life in general, I have been examining some of the yogic teaching in greater depth, exploring how they apply to my personal life as well as to humanity as a whole. It has been enlightening, scary, peaceful, and awe-inspiring all at once. A mentor once told me “the spiritual path is not for the faint of heart.” I believe I am now beginning to understand what she meant.

One practice that has helped me find peace in the unsettled pieces is gratitude. Being grateful, or thankful, for everything. EVERYTHING. The good, the bad; the easy, the challenging; the rainstorms and the sunshine. After all, rainbows only come out after the storm. It is this sense of gratitude that keeps me going. It helps me to see my path, even when there seems to be no path.

One of the parts of my path is to continue sharing thoughts, teachings, and wisdom in person, on this website, and in these newsletters. Though I intend to do so monthly going forward, know that it may be less frequently. To hear more about the fun and exciting offerings Satya Wellness has going on, be sure to sign up for our emails – there is often additional information and email only offers; you don’t want to miss a thing!

As always, thank you for supporting me and Satya Wellness. Jai Bhagwan! Namaste! Peace!


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