Intentions for 2018

Happy belated New Year! I am a little behind in my wishes as I have spent much time recently, as many do this time of year, reflecting on 2017 and what I wish for in 2018. However, unlike the traditional making of resolutions, I am choosing to focus on an intention.  What’s the difference? For me, resolutions are about fixing something. Resolving to loose weight or diet is fixing that I think I’m fat. Resolving to find a better job implies that my work is either not providing adequate income or not meeting my expectations, or both, and implies a need to make more money or find a more rewarding career. Resolutions have become a way for us to address and fix something that we or society thinks is “broken” about ourselves. Is it any wonder why so many people start these resolutions super committed only to stop most (if not all) effort in just a few short weeks?

Setting an intention, however, is like setting your GPS for a destination. Instead of a goal of losing weight, for example, I intend to be healthier and happier in my body – a part of which may or may not include losing weight. Just as with driving your car with the GPS you may be redirected along your route – construction detours, needing to go off the highway to find a rest stop or food, etc – your intention allows for detours but is still a beacon on your final destination.

These are really simple explanations, but I believe that most readers will have experienced them (personally or watched a friend) at some point in their lives. Intentions, for me, are trail markers – some markers indicate the short and easy route, some markers the longer or harder trail, but all trails lead toward the same end point. Some of us will just take longer to get there is all; and I know that I have wandered off the trail many, many times…

For me, the end of 2017 had presented many things to me. I have re-evaluated my work, what I place value on both personally and professionally. I have watched as unresolved blocks have literally released and moved through my body. I have watched agitation and anger come up and release. Work and holiday stresses taking its toll in terms of rest, exercise, and diet. As the practitioner I am, I have watched all of this with interest, curiosity, and the excitement of the opportunity to experiment with different ways of approaching what is the result of all this. As I entered 2018, not only was it the mark of a new calendar year but I also celebrated my 45th year on this planet. And I truly mean celebrated. I feel a sense of liberation, freedom, excitement, and drive that I have not felt before. And I am so looking forward to all that 2018 has to show me.

So, what are my intentions for 2018? The simple one that I continue to work with is to live my satya, my truth. I intend to live as healthy as I can be. For me, that includes more yoga, running, much more time meditating, more tea less coffee, time outdoors, time with those I love. I intend to write a book. There are more, but these are the ones I chose to share publicly. And they are rough destinations, not hard-set goals. And honestly, I’m looking forward to the detours and winding trails more than I am looking forward to reaching the endpoint. Because, honestly, the journey is where the juicy bits live, and its the juicy bits that make it all worthwhile.

Do you have some intentions that you have set for 2018? Share them on our Facebook page. Look for the Intentions post.

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