Quick thoughts on Gratitude & Presence

I was looking to share some great thoughts about gratitude and being thankful, planning to publish it prior to the Thanksgiving holiday. Obviously that did not happen. So instead I find myself contemplating what that all really means – for me.

As for many I know, this past year has not been an easy one. Granted some of my loved ones have had it much harder by my definition, but that is my interpretation and has no bearing on how they define their experience. In my own life, I have taken some big steps business-wise as I continue to build the dream of Satya Wellness. I have taken trainings that have helped to shift the way I perceive things. I am allowing, more than ever, to let those things that no longer serve me to make their journey out of my body/mind/life. I have lost amazing people this year, and I have gained amazing people in my life. And as I reflect over the past year or so, I am grateful for all of it. Good and bad, it served me well.

“Life life with an attitude of gratitude” I have heard said many times. My interpretation is really to just live in the present. Each moment, to moment, to moment… The more in the with each moment, the more rich and meaningful that moment (and all those before and after) becomes. The more often that we can live without ruminating about the past (mistakes or triumphs) or obsessing about the future, the more joyous our life can become. I’m not saying to not have memories or to learn from pst mistakes, I’m saying to stop letting them control your present life. The past is done. And I’m not saying not to plan for the future, or not to have dreams and goals; I’m saying don’t let that consume your every thought and desire so that you miss the opportunity of life right in front of you. I still plan, I still reminisce. But I am so much more diligent in practicing staying present while I do those very things.

As I take a quick moment to pause I realize my hot tea has become much cooler, my feet are cold, and I am completely enthralled by the purring of my cat as she is sleeping in my lap. And in this moment there is nothing else – no past, no future, no memories, no plans, no blog-in-progress. Nothing. Just me, my sleeping cat, and my cold tea. And in this moment, there is nothing else that I want or need; it’s all right here. Until the next moment, and everything I need at that time will be here too.

“Life is a Journey, not a Destination.”

Enjoy the ride, find gratitude for the little things, seek joy everywhere.

Thank you for being a part of my ride through this life. In gratitude, Jai Bhagwan.

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