There is a concept in Ayurveda called “Dinacharya,” which often translates as “daily routine.” As simple a concept as it seems, Dinacharya is considered the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

Having a regular routine is important in many aspects of our lives. Having a regular bed time ensures adequate rest through the night. Waking at the same time each morning ensures we are able to attend to our daily activities – like work – in a timely manner. Our daily routines ensuer we are bathed and fed. Our routine affects others as well. As an example, my husband wakes, starts the coffee then takes his shower. While he is showering I take a cup of coffee while tending to my morning stuff (laundry, making lunch, etc), then I shower when he is done. If my husband is late getting up, I am late getting in the shower and on with my own day as well.

Having a regular routine helps in other ways. Consistency in your daily routine creates stability, where constant change can create undue stress or anxiety. With an existing constitent reoutine, it is easier to insert changes. For example, you want to start runing every day. With a regular routine you can look at a typical day and find the perfect time for you to start a running program. With an irregular schedule it is difficult to schedule your runs each day, and you may become discouraged that you “don’t have the time” and you may quit running all together.

But Dinacharya is so much more than just a routine; it literally translates as “daily ritual.” And Ayurvedic recommendations for our daily rituals are desoigned to align ourselves with the natural rhythm of the world around us. Finding the best routine for ourselves involves alighning our social needs (jobs, family, etc) with the rhythm of nature in a manner in which we can thrive. Thrive physically, emoutionally, economically. And with a firm routine in place, we are not as easily thrown off when life throws an unexpected curve, as it is sometimes known to do.

Want to learn more? I will be holding a workshop – Creating Dinacharya – where we will look at the nature/human life connections and how to begin to arrange our daily rituals to align with the natural forces around us Click the link below to find out more and to register.

In Love & Light,


Creating Dinacharya

Saturday October 21, 12-3pm

at Santosha Yoga Studio, Providence, RI

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